YouTube Explore Tab Finally Rolling Out on Android, iOS, Replaces Trending Tab

YouTube Explore Tab

YouTube finally started rolling out the Explore tab in its Android and iOS apps, something that has been in testing for quite some time. The new tab replaces the Trends tab and allows users to access landing pages from popular content categories from one place, along with trend videos. The update started rolling out on all Android and iOS devices and should hit everyone in the coming days, according to the YouTube team. The company has been testing this feature for about two years and has finally released it to the public.

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In the post on the Google support page, the YouTube team declares three advantages of this Explore tab: “Easy access to landing pages”, “Creator and featured artist in the Increase section” and “Continue to see the trending on YouTube right now. ” The Browse tab allows users to view various landing pages such as Music, Games, Movies and Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, and more. The post also states that the YouTube team will add to the list of landing pages.

YouTube Explore Tab Features

The Explore page also makes it easy to discover new artists and creators. Show a ‘Creator on the Rise ‘or‘ Artist on the Rise’ badge for new creators on YouTube. Along with this, the trending page has its own option in the Explore tab and the page works, as usual, showing what is happening in the world and what people are seeing the most in a certain region. The new Explore tab is placed between the ‘Home ‘and‘ Subscriptions’ tabs

YouTube has been working to add the Explore tab for two years and has received feedback from the tests, after which it officially began rolling out the update. According to its support post, the new Explore tab should reach all users in the coming days. However, we were already seeing the new Explore tab, which runs YouTube v15.09.36 for Android. The last time we received an app update was March 2, but the Explore tab may have been activated by a server-side switch.


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