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The football world is celebrating the career of JJ Watt this Tuesday #JJWatt


JJ Watt’s football career is coming to an end.

The all-time great took to social media this Tuesday to announce that Sunday was the last home match of his career.

“First NFL game,” he said. “My last NFL game ever. My heart is full of love and gratitude. It was an absolute honor and pleasure.”

An amazing ad to say the least.

Now, fans celebrate his legendary career that began in Houston and ended in Phoenix.

One fan wrote, “JJ. Nice to see some of you playing. I was hoping you’d be a raider so I could put your name on my log stat sheet. Best of luck to you and your future. #Raidernation on behalf of.” social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “Congratulations on such a wonderful NFL career! It was a pleasure watching you! Enjoy your retirement and your beautiful family!”

Dave Bach of Arizona said, “It’s been an honor to call your games the last two years!”

Thanks for the memories, JJ. It has been an honor to watch you play football over the past decade or more.

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