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the chilling images of the gutted building in Dnipro


IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – The bombardment of the residential building on Saturday in the east of the country left at least 35 dead. Dozens of people are still under the rubble.

The spectacular strike will mark with a black seal this Saturday, January 14 for Ukraine. In a residential area of ​​Dnipro, in the east of the country, a Russian missile gutted an entire building. The building comprised nine floors, 75 apartments with some 1,700 residents. According to the head of the military administration of Dnipro who spoke on the messenger Telegram, the strike has so far killed 35 people, including two children. This total could increase, since dozens of people are still under the rubble on Monday.

My version is that the Russians were targeting the thermal power station behind the building. I think they were aiming for the centralsaid Dipro Mayor Borys Filatov.

Rescue operations continue

Rescue operations are still underway on Monday, still trying to find survivors, but “the chances of saving people are now slim“, warned the mayor on Sunday, questioned by Reuters.

Thanks to the help,thirty-nine people were saved, 75 were injured“, specified the mayor of Dnipro on Telegram. About 20 people were admitted to the Dnipro children’s hospital.

Miraculously, firefighters found a woman alive on Sunday. Not warmly dressed, the survivor was near her bathtub, more than eighteen hours after the attack.

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