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Chinese drone shot down in eastern country


Territorial Defense soldiers neutralized him using AK-47 automatic rifles.

The Ukrainian army shot down a Chinese Mugin-5 drone, manufactured in Xiamen, in the east of the country, reports the American channel CNN . The SBU, Ukrainian intelligence service, told CNN that its agents infiltrated in the cities conquered by Russia since the invasion had alerted it to the launching of this machine. Soldiers from the 111th Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces then shot him dead. “According to the sound and light signal, the troops fired on the drone and shot it down“Says one of the soldiers, who claim that the aircraft was flying at low altitude, which made it possible to fire on it with AK-47 assault rifles.

The drone, carrying a 20 kg bomb, dug a crater when it crashed. The shell was neutralized by the soldiers, who provided a video of the explosion to television networks. Mugin Limitedwhich manufactures these drones, called it “deeply regrettable” this incident. Especially than his site specifies that its vehicles cannot be used for military purposes. However, this is not the first time that civilian drones have been hijacked for military use.

The recognition-strike complex (i.e. localization of the strike, then shooting towards the target, editor’s note) is modernized and consolidated by switching to a drone logic resulting in more effective concentrations. The drone acting both as a means of detection for conventional artillery strikes and as a strike capability through the use of tactical gear», underlined Thibault Fouillet, associate researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research in a recent note devoted to the evolution of combat methods in the light of the war in Ukraine.

Last January, a Chinese Mugin-5 drone was shot down in the oblast (Ukrainian administrative region, Ed.) from Lugansk, Donbass. If China, through the voice of Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assured that it was not supplying arms to Russia, Politico had access to information proving the delivery of drones, assault rifles but also bulletproof vests to Russia.

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