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a Belgian couple leaves their baby at check-in, for lack of a ticket


The couple, late for their plane and without a ticket for their child, would have tried to board without him … before being caught by airport staff.

It’s a tall tale. Tuesday, January 31, a couple, with Belgian passports, was to board a Ben Gurion-Brussels flight. Late for their flight and without a ticket for their baby, the parents would have been blocked at check-in. But instead of finding a solution, they would have simply abandoned their little boy on the counter of the company, reports TF1citing the Israeli media Times of Israel.

On a video shared by an agency, we actually see the cozy placed on the counter, the baby hidden under a small beige blanket.

Airport personnel intercepted the couple to collect the child. The police then came to question them. Ryanair, in a statement, said employees were in shock. “We’ve never seen anything like it“, writes the company. The case is now in the hands of the police.

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