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Willow may not be canceled according to the statements of the show host


Over the past few days, there have been some reports stating that Lucasfilm has canceled Willow and that it will not get a second season, but it seems that the series’ supervisor, John Kasdan, does not see that the series is over.

Kasdan stated on his official Twitter account that although the second season is not moving forward, it has not been canceled either, he and Lucasfilm do not consider the series already finished, and indicated that all of the first season’s heroes are eager to return with a second season.

Kasdan explained that the rumor of the cancellation may have come after the decision to cut the main cast in order to look for other opportunities, and Kasdan said that what has been confirmed within Lucasfilm is that Willow will not resume filming in the next 12 months. Kasdan stated:

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen next. With the enthusiastic and unwavering support of Lucasfilm and Disney, we developed and wrote what we hope will be a second season, one that will be fun, richer, and darker, building on the characters and story of our first eight seasons.

Kasdan continued:

I am sure I speak for all concerned when I say that we would love nothing more than to deliver Volume 2, in the quality we have come to expect and demanded. Shall we go into pre-production? not now. Does that mean we’ll never make it? of course no.

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