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Who are the Fireflies in HBO’s The Last of Us?


This article contains light spoilers for the game series The Last of Us aims to contextualize a group of people in the HBO series.

After the release of the game The Last of Us from Naughty Dog 2011, it didn’t take long before the series invaded the world of multimedia. It wasn’t long before prequel comics were released, and since then we’ve seen board games, remasters, tabletop RPGs, and more. After repeated attempts to make a potential movie series, a series was finally released HBO adaptation, and longtime fans and new viewers alike can watch a reality series that tells the story of this dark, ruined world.

Presented the first episode of the series The Last of Us group ‘Fireflies’ (fireflies), and are a major rebel faction in the games that almost every character is associated with in one way or another. And as players know, you love The Last of Us Throwing shock twists into the plot makes us question everything we’ve learned so far, so it’s hard to say exactly what role the Fireflies faction will play in the series’ first season. But we have seen so far in the trailers and the episode that there are people drawing over their logo, and this gives us a hint that they may not be popular with everyone. And to learn more about them, we can always go back to where it all began: the games.

How did the Fireflies faction come into being?

events occur The Last of Us In a devastated world, an outbreak of a mutation of the Cordyceps fungus has decimated humanity. The infected act very much like zombies and tend to attack the uninfected with a thirst, but unlike normal zombies, they are alive and simply suffering from a disease that has caused them to change completely. Thus they present in stages, with the newly infected showing a different set of characteristics than the more advanced cases. Although the series is bound to make a lot of changes to the previously established world, we know that the game’s main characters Joel Miller and Ellie Williams will bring the classic father-daughter bond to the small screen as they try to navigate this devastated world together.

When the outbreak first began, the authoritarian group known as Fedra (Federal Disaster Response Agency) Martial law took control of the military, and established a New World Order on a terrified people. They control the quarantine zones forcing most of the survivors to comply with them. In contrast, Fireflies are formed, but they are not necessarily free from major flaws of their own.

What does the Fireflies want?

Not only did the Fiveflies initially want to end Phaedra’s violent rule and restore a form of democracy to government, but they were also a core group actively searching for a cure. And so, in many ways, the story begins. We saw in stories The Last of Us: American Dreams Photographer from the previous events Firefly Faction catches Ellie and her friend Riley, and the latter works hard to join them but dies after being bitten. Thus it is revealed that Ellie is immune to infection, when she suffers no side effects from the bite at all. Marilyn of Firefly thus sends Ellie with Joule in the hope that her immunity will aid in the development of a cure, though this hope fades with time.

The group often relies heavily on agitating and exploiting desperate civilians to do the fighting on their behalf. Although they sometimes succeed in overthrowing offshoots of Phaedra, they in turn are scattered across different factions and do not always agree with one another or even share common goals. Although the Fireflies are ostensibly there to overthrow Phaedra’s arms, what the group will do with this power remains in question, leading many, like Joel, to believe that they would be just another group of tyrants given the chance. As the game continues, the group is officially dissolved, but there have been attempts to revive the group in its second part.

What are the characters of Fireflies?

The Fireflies can be identified by their clothing, they usually wear green, yellow or sometimes brown, but the main way the group differentiates between real members and spies is through their necklaces. They have a motto: “When you’re lost in the dark, find the light,” which we see written on walls all over the country. In addition, the collection is often characterized by an idealistic look that inspires some and repels others. The game introduced us to a number of Fireflies, but it’s hard to say with certainty who will appear in the series.

For now we’ve seen Boss Marilyn, Kim, and Joel’s brother Tommy. In a game full of morally complex characters, among the most complex remains Marilyn, who dedicates her life to what often seems like a lost cause in the search for a cure, but sometimes ignores the human cost of her choices. Tommy, on the other hand, becomes disillusioned with the group, but he was the one who pointed Marilyn to Jules in case she needed anything, which helped start this whole story.

What role will the Fireflies play in The Last of Us?

We do not know the definite answer to this question. And although the first episode indicates that the series will follow the story of the original game, odds are that many changes will be made along the way. But what we do know for sure is that the casting is top notch, with the actress playing Marilyn the same as the game’s voice actress, Merle Dandridge, Gabrielle Loa as Tommy, and Natasha Mumba as Kim. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Translated by Dima Muhanna

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