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Violent Night 2 is in the works, according to the director


Violent Night director Tommy Wirkola said in an interview The Wrap He’s already working on a sequel to the hit holiday movie, which will see Pat Casey and Josh Miller return to star.

“We’re talking about it, we’re doing deals, we’re arranging everything,” Wirkola said.

But it seems the process is still in its very early stages, he added, “We have time to write the script and think about the story. We have some ideas, Pat and Josh and the producers and I have been talking about where we want to take it.” [الفيلم] And what we want to see.”

Violent Night starred David Harbor who played a frustrated Santa who sure knew how to fight cool. But for the sequel, Wirkola added, “There are things we left out like the North Pole and Mrs. Claus and the dwarves. But in terms of the story, I think we have a great idea that will expand the world and scope, but keep that style that we loved in the first movie.”

Violent Night was a box office success after its release last month, raking in $75 million worldwide against a reported $20 million budget.

The film received a 7/10 rating on IGN’s review, which said, “Violent Night may take a while to find its footing, but when it’s in full swing, nothing can stop Santa from making this the deadliest Christmas ever.”

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