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Valheim developer has no plans to release it on PlayStation


Iron Gate Studios, developer of Valheim survival game, has confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring the title to platforms other than Xbox, including PlayStation.

In an episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Senior Developer Jonathan Summers said, “Right now we’re focused on just the Xbox release but you never know what might happen.”

Valheim is coming to the Xbox Preview Program, and while Summers wasn’t part of the talks to bring the game to the platform, publisher Coffee Stain worked with Microsoft to do so.

Valheim was such a hit upon its launch in February 2021 that when it hit Steam Early Access, it became one of the best selling games of the year on PC with over 5 million copies sold one month after release.

The Xbox version was announced some time later, and although the release of Valheim on other platforms is not considered at the present time, this does not necessarily rule out the possibility of its access to platforms such as PlayStation or even Nintendo Switch.

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