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Updating the Bluetooth technology of the Stadia controller allows it to be operated after the digital service stopped supporting it


Google is preparing to shut down its Google Stadia digital service today, but before that, the company rolled out a new update that allows Stadia controller owners to use it as a Bluetooth controller, which means it won’t be completely useless after the cloud gaming service shuts down.

Once installed, the Wi-Fi connection of the Stadia controller will be deactivated and the update will allow you to connect to devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy. You can then pair the controller to a supported Bluetooth LE device by pressing the Stadia button and the Y button simultaneously for 2 seconds until the light flashes orange.

It’s important to note that this update will permanently disable your controller’s Wi-Fi connection, so stop updating your controller if you want to try gaming on Stadia one last time before discontinuing the service.

An interesting piece of information on the Stadia controller’s support page states that the Bluetooth support tool is available for a limited time, and that after Stadia officially shuts down on January 18, users will have “until December 31, 2023, to update the controller so you can use Bluetooth mode.”

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