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Ubisoft announces the cancellation of Project Q


Ubisoft has announced the cancellation of its team-based game Project Q, according to the game’s official Discord server, with Ubisoft stating that it “will no longer continue development.”

Project Q’s official Discord server has since been shut down, citing Insider GamingAnd the publisher thanked everyone who participated in the game’s tests, before the shocking decision was announced, which included “All these warm moments make this announcement even more difficult: unfortunately we have to cancel our upcoming closed tests because Project Q will not continue development. This also means that we will need to Close this Discord server”.

The studio responsible for Project Q didn’t provide many details about the game’s cancellation. “We don’t have more information to provide right now, but we want to thank you all for your passion and love for Project Q,” the announcement says.

Project Q was originally announced in April 2022. Billed as a team battle arena title, the game was rumored to have undergone extensive playtesting throughout its development. However, the title did not get an official release window.

Despite Ubisoft’s assurances that it is not a battle royale game, recent reports also indicate that the company had “at least a dozen” battle royale games in development at one point.

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