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Top 10 open world games released in 2022


Open world games may be monotonous and often repetitive due to the huge number of titles released annually, however, some players prefer to spend their free time exploring new worlds, exciting events and secrets that no one has reached before, and here lies the strength of games in this category, The fun lies in the fact that you are not bound or restricted to go in a specific direction or go from point A to point B as happens in linear titles, but rather you can travel to any area and take on new challenges, or collect items, weapons and tools that give you an advantage, and since last year It witnessed the launch of many open world games, in this article we share with you our list of the 10 best open world games released in 2022.

10) Gotham Knights

Regardless of the criticism the game received for issues unrelated to the open world design, it was nice to be back in Gotham after all these years. Night activities, both legal and illegal, the fog that covers the sky that can be seen as a glimpse of its future, and the tall buildings that give superheroes the opportunity to hide from view and surprise their opponents from above.

The overall design of the city looks great and better than ever, but you won’t feel the same in terms of the basic gameplay mechanics and elements that the title relies on in its events, but you will undoubtedly enjoy flying through Gotham, helping those in need, and eliminating outlaws to restore order to the city again after That lost her first bodyguard Batman.

9) LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego games are usually linear, where players go through parody versions of the original movies and games, but this version differs in that it presents the 9 Skywalker episodes at once, and players can experience the main events from start to finish directly, however, you will have a large open world map To explore between missions, traverse different worlds, solve puzzles and defeat your enemies in sub-quests that are less intense than the main events the title focuses on.

8) Sonic frontiers

More like the green blur.

Sonic lives at the height of his brilliance, whether in the gaming industry or on the silver screen. After the distinguished success of the cinematic series at the critical and commercial level, Sonic Frontiers sought to exploit this momentum in expanding the popularity of the character by targeting new players without frustrating old lovers at the same time, so that our hero embarks on a dangerous adventure And uncalculated, as he finds himself alone in a mysterious world dominated by the ruins of an ancient, technologically advanced civilization, waiting for someone to explore its secrets and solve the puzzles that have been lingering for years, which puts Sonic on a mission to explore five islands full of battles, jumping and dodging, with all kinds of collectibles, puzzles, challenges and bosses that They oppress anyone who threatens their area of ​​influence.

During his adventure to explore this mysterious world that he finds himself stuck inside, the speedster must constantly develop his skills by finding the necessary items for it as if you were in a small-scale RPG game, and trying to open the gates scattered densely in the world around you in order to reach the levels ” “Cyberspace” classics in pre-determined paths, both in 2D and 3D. As an open world game, Sonic Frontiers puts a lot of effort into presenting the remarkable variety of the five islands and the level of challenges they provide as the player progresses through events and develops abilities, making it one of the best parts of the game. The series and one of the best open world games of the past year.

7) Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Character Reveal: Meet 'Izzy' - IGN First

One of the best open world games released in the last year, and although you spend some time traveling in this vast world, the game map is surprisingly seamlessly interconnected, and it is one of the best stories that have been presented in the Borderlands universe in years, and you will not It would be an exaggeration to say that it outperforms Borderlands 3 in almost every way, and with an all-star voice cast, amazing and exciting RPG elements, and a heart-warming story, you’ll enjoy playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands alone or with your friends, and you’ll spend plenty of time going over the different activities that it has to offer. Her big world provides her.

6) Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Unbound brings the beloved racing game series back on track after years of acclaimed releases, pitting the player in fierce competition for the title in The Grand, a 4-week street racing competition where only the most skilled drivers win.

You will start competing by finding the right car and going through the many activities in the open world, such as beating the cops, destroying billboards, and delivering stolen cars, and as you progress through the events, you will be able to upgrade and customize your car to suit your play style, the game also contains An uplifting soundtrack to ensure that you are on your toes all the time and in any situation.

5) GhostWire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo does not take much time before leaving you alone wandering in its sprawling world, you will find the Japanese capital that forms the largest civilization gathering on the planet that has turned into a ghost town in every sense of the word, starting with the famous Shibuya Intersection, the source of attractions thanks to its paintings The bright advertisement and its intense crowd, which became deserted and empty of its pioneers in a blink of an eye, to the shops full of shoppers and the alleys crowded with restaurants and grocery stores whose visitors disappeared and left no trace of them except their clothes lying on the ground.

You will find the main streets that witnessed the city’s activity throughout the day have turned into lines of luxurious cars lined up randomly in the hope that their owners will return to life again, on the other hand, stray dogs imposed their control on the streets in the absence of deterrence, and the cats took advantage of the situation best and invested their time In trade by acquiring shops and shops to provide you with the food, ammunition and collectibles you need in order to reach your goal, which makes it one of the best open worlds that we had the opportunity to visit in the past year, especially with regard to the atmosphere, isolation and tension that controls your feelings due to the ghosts spread in every inch .

4) Dying Light 2: Stay Human

You’ll have to battle the undead in Dying Light 2 if you choose to leave the city limits of Villedor, but it seems that life within the walls isn’t always safe either, though, Techland has managed to deliver a virtual city that’s alive both day and night, and offers endless ammo-collecting activities The equipment and tools that will ensure you survive the longest, and it turns into a kind of hell during the night with cannibals spreading around every corner and trying to finish you every time you set foot on the ground and ignore the rooftops.

Dying Light 2 surpasses its predecessor in the ways it offers to explore this vast world and its various terrains, such as the glider and the most professional parkour skills, not to mention the ability to smoothly and quickly explore hideouts, shelters, caves and abandoned buildings to find everything you need and then prepare for the next encounter that will be even more brutal Without a doubt.

3) Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A Special Edition has been revealed too.

In a world where life is measured in only ten years, and much of that life is spent fighting constant wars, a group of six will change everything in this Switch-exclusive RPG that offered an exciting open world in terms of overall design and activities.

When the six heroes learn that the war they are fighting is based on a lie, they will search for the truth no matter how expensive the move is, and as you explore this vast world, you will find plenty of interesting side quests and fierce monsters, and it is enough to know that the game world is five times as large as It was the same as the previous title in the series, which will undoubtedly keep you busy for dozens of hours.

2) Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: Release Date, Gameplay, Story, and What We Know So Far

Horizon Forbidden West will put you in a mysterious world in which humans are no longer the supreme word, but rather the various machines that roam, fly, or swim across the world and kill anyone who tries to take away this freedom, while Aloy travels to what was known as the western United States, she discovers dozens of machines, whether It was new or returning from the previous part, and if you think that the first part excelled in that part, then what you will see in this part will exceed all your expectations, there are more than 40 machines roaming this world non-stop, by land, sea and air, branching into five main categories that include reconnaissance and combat and transportation, and dozens of types of robots emerge from these five categories that move individually or in groups and simulate the most prominent animals in their appearance, detailed design, and combat capabilities that have witnessed great developments compared to the previous game.

The Forbidden West is full of different activities and interesting characters that will have you spending dozens of hours exploring every patch, visiting every camp, finding ruins and ancient structures and learning about their secrets. Finding her grandson and coaxing him back home after he joins the rebels, or helping a young inventor find the piece he needs to finish his latest innovation, will keep you busy exploring each area for its secrets.

1) Elder Ring

The Last of Us director is drawn to games that

The ultimate Souls experience as some like to call it, Elden Ring offers a huge world to explore with loads of enemies to contend with with unique designs and deadly abilities, castles to conquer, catacombs that hide items of great importance, with no clues leaving you lost in this vast world In the beginning, but later you realize that there are different paths and multiple endings, so you can go into any area and take on any boss at any time, quit when you feel you need to hone your skills for a little while longer, or carry on if you’re in control, Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s finest work Without a doubt, the best open world game released in the past year, far behind its closest competitors.

There were a lot of great open world games in 2022 without a doubt! So feel free to share with us your list of favorite games in the comments.

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