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Tokyo is coming to Xbox and Game Pass in March 2023


There are no new details about the availability of Ghostwire: Tokyo for Xbox platforms in the coming period, but the latest leaks indicate that the survival and horror game will be released on Microsoft devices next March.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the second game that Sony acquired the rights to release for the PS5 exclusively from Bethesda after Deathloop, and this exclusive partnership period lasts for a full year, which means that it will end next March, and it can be released on Xbox devices.

An unidentified source claimed to have seen Zenimax Media’s plans for this year, which include launching Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Series X|S next March, including Xbox Game Pass.

The leak says that there is completely new content that will be released with the Xbox version next March, and we do not know yet whether it means a major expansion, or minor improvements and modifications. He also indicated the work of the Tango Gameworks team on the upcoming HiFi Rush game this year, as he described it.

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