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There was The Last of Us starring Ellie’s mom


Neil Druckmann, co-president of the Naughty Dog studio, revealed that The Last of Us was going to have a subsection focused entirely on the character of Anna, Ellie’s mother who appeared in the final episode of the HBO series, and the game was supposed to witness many events, some of which appeared in The last episode of the artwork.

Druckmann recently told a podcast Kinda funny “There was a more complete version of this story going back in time, and it was going to be made into a video game, not by Naughty Dog, but a different game studio.”

Druckmann continued that the studio had been introduced to the team by journalist Greg Miller, and those discussions had gone so far, “We talked to them for a long time about doing this thing, and then it just didn’t work out.”

Would you have preferred a spin-off that told the story of Ellie and her mother from the beginning, and how they gained this invulnerability? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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