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The voices of The Super Mario Bros. will make their way into all of players’ favorite Mario games


There is not much left to show The Super Mario Bros movie, which is officially available in cinemas on April 7, worldwide, so Nintendo celebrates the date of the movie in its own way, by bringing the voices of the movie actors to all the players’ favorite Super Mario Bros games.

Where the creative developer, “Shigeru Miyamoto”, the creator of the famous Mario character, appeared during the episode of Nintendo Direct, during which he announced that the players’ favorite Mario games will host a “movie mode”, which will include the voices of the cast who participated in the movie The Super Mario Bros, where we will hear the voice of actor Chris Pratt in Super games Mario Bros. and Charlie Day in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Miyamoto stated:

Activating the new Movie Mode will replace existing voices with members of the film crew, or if there are no voices, add them. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the Mario games you know and love.

Actor Chris Pratt told the media, during which he expressed his happiness with his participation in The Super Mario Bros movie and his embodiment of the famous Mario character, and Pratt said:

This is a dream finally come true after spending hours of my life jumping over Koopas.

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