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The Settlers New Allies review


Finally, after many delays in issuing it, the publisher presents it to us Ubisoft In collaboration with Studio Blue Bytes Game The Settlers: New Allies. This series has many parts that have gained wide popularity since its inception in 1993 on the computer platform, and then the popularity of this game continued to obtain several parts and developments in the subsequent years. It was scheduled in 2014 Issuance of a new section called The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria Where she rose Ubisoft offer a trial version.BETA“For this version before its release, but it frustrated the game’s fans and received strong negative reactions, forcing the publisher to stop developing the project. The series did not spread any news for several years until it unexpectedly appeared in an exhibition Gamescom The year 2018 with a new part under the name The Settlers: New Allies And that it will be issued later in the year 2019, but it has received several delays since that time until it was officially announced and issued in February 2023.

The Settlers: New Allies It is a strategy war game.RTS) In it, players take on the role of a commander in a medieval fantasy world. The objective of the game is to build settlements and discover neighboring lands and towns, as well as defend and counter enemy attack with strategic moves and special tactics on the battlefield against artificial intelligence or online players.

In my opinion, the game is distinguished by the wonderful and advanced visual accuracy compared to the previous parts, thanks to the use of the Ubisoft engine Snowdrop. The details of the environment and the movement of the characters and soldiers are so beautiful that you will have some fun watching their movements and actions. Also in terms of graphics, when compared to other similar strategy games, I think it is arguably one of the most beautiful scenes that I liked compared to in my game Age of empires AndCivilization VI. In addition, in the campaign (story) phase, when you progress through the stages of the game, you will see cinematic scenes and dialogues between the characters in each new event during the gameplay. Although the cinematic performances were not good enough, on a positive side, it is a nice addition to the storyline and integration with the events.

The gameplay revolves around two main elements: settlement building and resource management. Players must produce wood, minerals, and food, as well as train and recruit armies. The gameplay is very similar to a game Age of Empires III But there are some unique features that distinguish this game from others. You can trade with other settlements to obtain rare resources that are not available in your area, and thus this will play an important role in the development of your settlements. Also, the production process in the game is slightly different from similar games. Your task as a leader is not only to search for the gathering of wood and metal to make tools, but also to build an integrated production system. The factory for the production of weapons requires the existence of a factory for the production of minerals, and for the production of minerals, we need someone to dig and extract them, and so on. Each factory depends on another factory to do things. This applies to the rest of the elements such as wood, coal, gold, and others.

Speaking of productivity, there is also a military center for training and producing soldiers. Here, too, the center needs a factory to produce weapons, and as we mentioned earlier, it is a series of factories so that we can finally produce trained soldiers. This thing may add a little complexity to the gameplay, which in turn may cause problems in training soldiers and waiting a long time to be able to build an army consisting of a small number. This is one of the annoying things in the game that will test your patience a lot, especially since the map is very large and you need to produce lots and lots of soldiers to expand and win the battles.

The game offers several modes to play online with/against other players. In fact, I encountered a lot of problems connecting to the network, including a sudden interruption during the game, a delay in response, and a lot of technical errors, which ruined the fun of the game. All phases were similar, but there is a slightly different phase, which is the phase of teams, in which a group unites and cooperates against a group. One of the characteristics of this mode is the ability to create alliances and common interests with players. There is nothing more beautiful than standing hand in hand with the peaceful class of players and working together to confront the other class of players who are trying to occupy your territory. So it would be very good if you ally early, especially if you are new and starting to build your colony, and most likely you will need to create a pivotal peace and buy goods and resources from the settlements of players close to you.

On the contrary, although there are positives to the game as I mentioned earlier, the game contains many negatives. One of the biggest downsides of the game is the learning and mastering aspect. The economy and building methods in the game are very complex and new players may find it difficult to learn. The game will not provide any tips or tips for building or settlement. It will make you do it yourself with vague tasks like asking you to build a carpentry shop, but not giving you instructions that the place should be built close to the trees for logging. If you make a mistake and build the building in the wrong place, you will get stuck and you will often have to restart the game again. It is true that there is a learning mode in the main menu, but it is not practical and makes you waste your time. In my personal opinion, most players will not give themselves enough time to get to know and adapt to the game mechanics, because that will require them to spend a long time to cover all the details and apply them in reality.

Another problem with the game is that the missions are repetitive and there is no freshness in the gameplay and no variety in the activities. So it wouldn’t be surprising that the game isn’t very popular with strategy gamers right now.

One of the negative aspects also is that its price is $ 60 on all platforms, and above all, the game contains internal purchases microtransactions That’s too much! Especially since the game does not even offer any content, neither in the story aspect nor in the multiplayer aspect!

The Settlers: New Allies brings the cult franchise to life with modern graphics and next-gen gameplay. The game offers a mixture of city building, resource management, and combat against other settlements, with an option to play online. Despite the popularity of the old series, The Settlers, the latest installment disappoints its fans. The pace of play is slow and the methods of expanding settlements and building an army aren’t all that fun. As for the value of the game, it is very expensive and it is very clear that the game focused on the profit side more than the fun.

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