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The second season of The Last of Us will see many more infected people


While The Last of Us requires players to constantly shoot or sneak around the infected, The Last of Us Season 1 did not feature as many infected enemies as the video game. Some fans complained about the season’s lack of the famous Runners, Clickers, and Bloaters of the game series, prompting series general supervisor Craig Maisen to respond to this issue.

“Within the episodes that we’ve been focusing on, I think in the end we’ve generally focused on the strength of the relationships and we’ve tried to find importance in the action moments. And so there may be less action than some people want because we We couldn’t necessarily find relevance to much of it, or we worried it would be repetitive. After all, you don’t play, you watch. Although many people like to watch gameplay clips, I think that [المسلسل] It should be more focused and purposeful when we show it on TV.”

There have been several episodes throughout the course of the series that have little or no combat or casualties. For example, Ellie and David’s frantic combat encounter in Episode 8 didn’t involve any hordes of infected, instead focusing on the human relationship between the two characters.

Executive producer Neil Druckmann explained that every action scene in the series version should have significance for the characters involved, rather than just exist because it should be.

He said, “We took a very high-level approach and looked at action across the board. If you notice in the series every action scene has to move the character in some way. If it doesn’t move the character and is just there for show, we didn’t hesitate to scrap it.”

But now that the first season is over, Maizen and Druckmann are really starting to tease ahead of the second season. According to Mazen, the second season, which will be based on The Last of Us Part II, could include more action and more casualties.

“Sometimes we had choices to make about how we introduced the injured,” he said. “Even though we were given the go-ahead to make one season, Neil and I felt we couldn’t make a season without thinking about what would come next. There’s more to The Last.” of Us in the future. I think the balance isn’t always limited to what’s inside an episode or between an episode and another, but between one season and another. It’s very likely that there will be more infected people later and maybe different types.”

Fans of the game will remember that The Last of Us Part II introduced multiple types of infected, so it’s possible what Maizen is referring to are the TV versions of those new monsters.

There’s a lot to see after The Last of Us season one wraps up. Where you can read our spoiler review of the ninth and final episode, as well as find out why Bella Ramsey won’t be changed in Season 2, along with a video and photo comparison between Episode 9 and the game.

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