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The second part of the M3GAN movie is in the works


The horror film M3GAN has performed well at the box office since its release on January 6, and although it has only been a few days since the film was shown, it seems that it will have a sequel and is even in the works.

A report revealed Deadlinethat there are already plans for a second part of the movie M3GAN, and that it is in preparation at the present time, and that the new part will be unclassified.

Although the number of dead bodies was supposed to be higher, the author, Akeelah Cooper, insisted that what was presented during the events of the film was not a great massacre, unlike her previous work, Malignant, and Akeelah stated in her interview with the newspaper Los Angeles Times saying:

You’ve already killed more people. I love what I did with these people, but I want them to live. I was ruthless but then again that’s me.

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