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The second episode of The Last of Us has achieved more than 5.7 million views


The Last of Us has taken off strongly since its premiere last week on HBO and HBO Max, with the opening episode attracting more than 4.7 million viewers on HBO Max, making it the biggest new series opener since Boardwalk Empire in 2010. And here it is. The second achieves strong numbers that make it superior to the previous episode.

OK for HBOThe second episode of The Last of Us achieved more than 5.7 million views, an increase of 22% from the opening episode of the series.

At the same time, the first episode also continued to attract viewers in large numbers, as the number of its viewers currently reaches more than 18 million viewers, an increase of nearly 4 times from what it achieved immediately after its presentation on January 15th.

Based on these numbers, we expect that HBO will announce the renewal of the series for a second season in the coming period, and before the end of the first season of The Last of Us.

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