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The release of Redfall to Game Pass subscribers the day of its launch scares the game developers


Redfall will be the first exclusive game for Arkane Studio to provide via Xbox and PC, and this means that the game will be available to subscribers of Microsoft’s Game Pass service at launch, which is what worries the game developers, but it is not a negative concern but rather a positive one, as the game will reach a larger audience. Much more than previous Arkane games.

In his conversation with GamesRadarIt’s shocking and scary in a way, said studio director Harvey Smith about releasing Redfall to Game Pass subscribers across Xbox and PC on the day of its release. Harvey stated:

I feel with Game Pass to say to everyone that this is the quality of Arkane’s games, and these are our creative values, we can show a lot of people the way we make our games, whether telling fun stories and creating well-crafted worlds. The wide world offered by the Game Pass subscription is huge for us, which is shocking and scary in a way, there are a lot of people who will play Redfall in its first release week, what if it is much more than we expected? We’re going to get a lot of feedback very quickly, and a lot of people are going to see what we’ve spent developing over the past few years.

The Redfall game is officially coming in the first half of 2023 via Xbox Series devices and PC, and according to leaks, it will be available in early May.

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