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The PS5 with a detachable disc drive will not see any major changes in its design


Controversial journalist Tom Henderson is back again to share with his followers more details about the new PS5, which he claimed was under development a while ago.

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming mentioned last September that the PlayStation 5 platform with a detachable drive is in the works, indicating that test copies of the new platform have already arrived for some, and that it works flawlessly, as we are supposed to hear official news about the platform at some point. Nearby.

Henderson gave another brief update on the new model, and claimed that the new PS5 model wouldn’t include any major hardware changes (other than a detachable drive), which negates speculation of a hardware upgrade, Henderson also says that the drive itself won’t be compatible with the current digital version. from PS5.

The new model is known internally as D, and it will be similar to the current platform, while the only difference is in the detachable drive, which can be connected through the USB-C port on the back of the device, and in addition to selling the new PS5 separately, there will be a package that includes drive too.

Sony is supposed to start production of the new model in April ahead of its launch in September, replacing the two existing PS5 models and becoming the only option available for purchase.

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