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The Pokémon anime will get a brand new Pikachu after Ash Ketchum’s exit


Even though Ash Ketchum and his beloved partner Pikachu are leaving the Pokémon anime starting next season, there will still be Pikachu in the series as one of the main characters.

A new report from Eurogamer That Pokémon UK account shared a tweet (below) that takes a sneak peek at a new character called Freddy and his Pokemon partner Captain Pikachu.

Freddy and Captain Pikachu will join heroes Lyko and Roy on their journey around Baldia, likely in a similar way to how Brock and Misty joined Ash on his adventures in Kanto.

The new Pikachu is wearing what appears to be a pilot’s cap while Freddy has what appear to be pilot’s goggles affixed to his forehead, which makes us assume they are flying around the new territory.

The Pokémon Company revealed in December that Ash will not be returning as the main character in the animated series for the first time in 25 years, having finally earned the title of Pokémon Master.

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