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The fourth season of Succession will be the final season


Succession creator Jesse Armstrong has confirmed that the Emmy Award-winning series will officially end its run with its fourth season.

As Armstrong revealed during his interview with The New Yorkerthat he had reached the decision to end the distinguished drama series Succession, and confirmed that he wanted him to end it while he was at a high level instead of continuing with additional seasons that are not useful.

“Armstrong” indicated that before the start of writing the fourth season of the Succession series, several suggestions arose either to make two short seasons of the series or to continue presenting new seasons continuously, but the team suggested in the end that the best is the end of the series in a stage of strength and success instead of continuing and falling. his level.

The Succession series has been able since its debut in 2018 via HBO Max and has been able to reap great successes, whether in terms of cash or even awards and viewership, but there are only 10 episodes left for us until the end of this work, with the start of its fourth season, which will start on the 26th. next March.

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