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The Flash director shares a look at Central City


The Flash director Andy Muschietti has shared a glimpse of Central City for the first time.

He posted a photo on Instagram showing a neon-lit corner of Central City, the birthplace of DC superhero The Flash. “We will bring lightning soon,” he wrote.

Of course, comic fans know Central City well, but it doesn’t have to be a corner we know.

Although a green screen can be seen on one side of the image (perhaps in order to digitally enlarge the neighborhood in post-production), there is nothing else eye-catching here, except perhaps for the pizza parlor. The Ezra Miller version of The Flash is known for its love of pizza. It needs to consume a lot of calories due to its very high metabolism of course.

In addition, we see Muschietti carrying a black version of the famous Flash logo.

It is noteworthy that reports indicated that the series The Flash will move forward with Ezra Miller as the famous character, despite the many problems that he caused, including being accused of burglary in addition to legal problems in Massachusetts, Hawaii and North Dakota.

The Flash’s release date has been moved up a week, to June 16, 2023.

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