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The first extended look at The Day Before over a year ago


Open-world survival game The Day Before gets a 10-minute trailer of gameplay, the first new look at the game in over a year as developer Fntastic finds itself embroiled in a trademark dispute.

The new view shows some scouting, weapon mods, loot collecting, and shooting infected enemies.

The Day Before was originally scheduled to be released in June 2022, but was pushed back to March 1, 2023, and is now scheduled for November 10. While the first delay was due to the game switching to Unreal Engine 5, it has been delayed again, as the developer allegedly failed to obtain the rights to the brand name.

But studio Fntastic told IGN last month that the delay was planned by a trademark dispute issue.

The studio said at the time: “We planned to push back the game’s release date before, and we were planning to announce the new date in collaboration with publisher Mytona through a 10-minute gameplay video, but then you all know what happened. More postponements, we and the publishing company chose the date of November 10, and this is a safe date due to the trademark dispute crisis.

The last time we saw The Day Before was in April 2021 with a gameplay demo.

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