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The first details of the upcoming Sony game have been leaked


Not much is known about the list of upcoming exclusive Sony games except for those announced during the last period, and in the absence of official announcements from the Japanese giant, we get from time to time leaks of some of these projects, and today we get a leak of the first details of one of the company’s new projects, which is a science fiction shooting game. .

where it appeared A very short clip From the pre-alpha version online reveals a new PlayStation title that has not been announced yet, but according to the leak it is a third-person shooter of a sci-fi type and is being developed using the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and the game is allegedly being developed by the European studio Sony XDev in collaboration with an unknown third party studio.

Meanwhile across the site ResetEraDusk Golem leaker said that the leaked clip is from a very early stage in the development process, and that the game is very far ahead in production at the moment, I also claim this is not one of the many games mentioned in a leaked Sony document last year that listed a number of unannounced versions for the company.

We do not know when the game will be revealed, but we may have to wait a long time before seeing it, but we hope that Sony will reveal to us its most important releases soon.

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