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The European Commission says PlayStation sells 4 times more consoles than Xbox in Europe


The European Commission, which earlier this month approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, said PlayStation sells four times as many Xbox consoles in Europe.

indicates monitored letter Eurogamer Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, notes that the Sony platform is currently significantly ahead of Microsoft in the region.

Vestager was discussing why the European Commission approved the Activision Blizzard deal, noting that the two companies’ presence in Europe was not large enough to warrant concern.

“The overall market share of Microsoft and Activision was generally low in Europe. Only when you look at certain segments like shooters, you get more than 20%, and for consoles, PlayStation sells about four times as much as Microsoft sells Xbox. In that context, we didn’t think the merger would cause any problems.”

It seems that these sales refer to the previous generation PS4 and Xbox One platforms, and may refer to the sales of the current generation PS5 and Xbox Series, as we do not know the exact number of Xbox sales, in light of Microsoft’s deliberate silence.

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