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The creator of The Last of Us is “fascinated” by the Elden Ring’s storytelling style


Uncharted and The Last of Us are best known for their cinematic stories, but Naughty Dog director Neil Druckman has become fascinated with building a more nuanced world, and speaking to The Washington PostDruckmann said he liked FromSoftware’s simple storytelling in last year’s Elden Ring.

“I’ve been intrigued lately by things like Elden Ring and Inside, games that don’t rely so much on traditional narratives to tell their story,” said Druckmann. “Some of the best story moments in The Last of Us are in the cinema, but a lot of them are in the gameplay, moving around the world, and understanding the history of the world just by looking at it and examining it. For me at the moment, this is some of the best I get from games that They trust their fans to figure things out. Games that don’t hold your hand, those are the things that really intrigue me with the way they’re going forward.”

Given Naughty Dog’s knack for delivering impressive cinematic experiences, it’s interesting to hear that Druckman is drawn to the Elden Ring, which offers the player complete freedom to pick up stories they like and move forward with.

Fans of The Last of Us might remember the sequences relying more on environment-driven storytelling, for example, in the original game players could piece together the story of a sailor named Ish by picking up optional notes in one of the game’s levels. Although Naughty Dog has dabbled in environmental storytelling before, it looks like the studio may lean more towards this concept in future games.

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