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The Boys Producer Says Season 4 Contains ‘The Most Disgusting Thing’ He’s Seen On TV Yet


A producer for The Boys teased about more gross things in Season 4, saying he saw the “most disgusting thing” of his career while working on the new set of episodes.

As visual effects supervisor and assistant producer Stephan Fleet reported on the claim via Twitter, “I think I just saw the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in this sector so far,” he told his followers.

Then quote a serial account The Boys The official Twitter post jokingly retweeted that the fourth season will be rated “PG” (Family Censored), in contrast to the series’ previous seasons, which were rated TV-MA (Adults).

Amazon has generally given superintendent Eric Kripke complete control of this boundary-pushing spoof superhero series, with a show that never fails to deliver gore, sex, and parody beyond all expectations.

Season 3 of The Boys ended in July 2022, while Season 4 is currently in production, with no confirmed release date yet.

In our IGN Middle East review for Season 3, we said: “In the sea of ​​superhero movies and series right now, The Boys stands out with its ability to continually surprise viewers… It’s one of those rare shows that gets better with each season, and we can’t wait to see Where will Season 4 take us next?

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