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The 20-year-old Hot Wheels movie is getting new writers!


Twenty years after the project was first announced, the live-action action movie Hot Wheels has officially found its book. As Deadline reports, Dalton Lieb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson have joined the project from Warner Brothers Discovery and JJ Abram’s Bad Robot.

Work on the movie based on the video game has been going on for decades, and yet it looks like the movie is still moving forward. Its production was first announced in 2003, but it slumped several times along the way with Columbia Pictures and Legendary Pictures. In April of last year, Warner Bros. announced that they would be working on the film alongside Bad Robot.

Lieb and Jacobson-Larson have collaborated on a few scripts before, as their original sci-fi adventure titled Endurance has been sold to Netflix, and it centers on a group of AI-powered robots who start running into each other after they get stranded on a rooftop. Martians and assign them to establish a colony of humans.

Hot Wheels sees Mattel Films expand their growing slate based on their classic toys. Hot Wheels, which was first introduced in 1986, is one of the best-selling toy brands in the world, and Mattel also has plans to produce feature films based on American Girl, Masters of the Universe, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and many more.

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