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Switchback VR with PlayStation VR2


Supermassive Games announced today that its upcoming shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has been delayed until March 16, 2023.

Supermassive Games has confirmed in a new tweet that the game will not be released as a launch title for PSVR2, and the company has chosen to delay the title by a few weeks to ensure that players “receive a terrifying and terrifying experience.”

Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a spin-off from Supermassive’s interactive anthology series, was announced in November. Set in 17th century New England, players will encounter “demonic incarnations of persecuted witches”, “vampires” and a “sadistic serial killer”.

Gameplay in Switchback VR is similar to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, another shooter developed by Supermassive and released in 2016 for the original PlayStation VR.

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