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Support for Marvel’s Avengers will be discontinued in September as development ends


Just over two years after its first release, Crystal Dynamics is preparing to end active development on Marvel’s Avengers, a decision the company says it “made jointly with its partners.”

According to a post titled Final Update for the Future of Marvel’s Avengers, support will end on September 30th, and digital purchases will no longer be available, and it’s good that all individual content will continue to play after support ends, and multiplayer will also remain available.

Crystal Dynamics doesn’t plan to release any new stories, features, or heroes next, making Update 2.7 – which added the Winter Soldier and the Omega-level threat to the cloning lab – the final content for Avengers.

The final update for the game will be Update 2.8, which will be released on March 31st. After that, Crystal Dynamics says it will stop purchasing cosmetic items and virtual currency will no longer be purchasable, player credits will be converted into in-game resources, and all cosmetic items will be available for free.

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