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Stopping development of Fable and reworking it from scratch because of its engine


We have heard about Fable robot development problems on more than one previous occasion without confirming or denying the validity of this information, and according to recent leaks, Microsoft was forced to re-develop the game from the beginning in the last period after it became unplayable.

Recent reports, based on statements by an anonymous source who claimed knowledge of the project, say that the ForzaTech engine wasn’t right for the project, and after years of working on it, the game is finally unplayable and plagued by countless technical issues.

The Playground Games studio, in cooperation with Microsoft, decided to re-work the game from scratch using Unreal Engine 5, and it is said that the development process is currently 25% complete.

Due to this decision, the initial date for launching the game on the market has been changed to the last quarter of 2024, and it may be postponed for a longer period, according to statements by journalist Andy Robinson, who expected it to be released before the end of the current generation of gaming devices!

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