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Steven Spielberg wants to direct a series and almost directs Lincoln as a 6-episode series for HBO


Steven Spielberg is best known for directing blockbusters like Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park, but the legendary director is looking to bring his talent to the small screen.

During his appearance on an episode of Smartless podcast (According to Variety), Spielberg revealed that he would like to direct a series in the future. He said, “I love the long format, and one day I’m going to direct a full-length series. If someone had brought me Mare of Easttown I would have done it… It was a beautifully done story.”

Mare of Easttown was a crime drama series that premiered on HBO in 2021. Kate Winslet starred as a detective investigating a small town homicide. But Spielberg has previous ties to HBO, producing Band of Brothers for the network in the early 2000s. The director has also been approached to direct a series for HBO before, saying he was willing to turn Lincoln from a movie into a series.

He said, “I was willing to do Lincoln as a 6-hour miniseries because I couldn’t get all the funding for it. No one believed in it… I showed it everywhere and everybody turned me down… I was willing to make a deal with HBO to make it and expand it into Six hours. Tony Kushner’s first draft was 550 pages, so I had what I needed, I had the materials. I don’t know if I could get Daniel Day-Lewis to do five or six hours, but I was about to do it…”.

Lincoln was eventually released as a movie in 2012. It was a critical success and earned 12 Academy Award nominations, with Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best Actor for his role as Abraham Lincoln.

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