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Star Citizen Alpha Update 3.18 brings new content and features


From time to time over the past years we have been accustomed to hearing about the achievements of the Star Citizen game in terms of donations in particular, but throughout the past period the game has been in the alpha experience and its full release date has not been revealed, and it seems that we will wait for a longer period, as the game is still getting new updates period of the alpha.

Today, Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of the game, released TUpdate 3.18 for the Star Citizen alpha which adds several new locations including a large abandoned settlement in Daymar, several new racing locations in Stanton, and the racetrack at the Orison Vision Center on the Crusader.

The update also adds a lot of new gameplay features, many improvements, and fixes many problems that have appeared during the last period.

In November of last year, Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen had donated more than $526 million.

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