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SpeedDons, Earth Hour, Game 4 animals… associations take over charity events on Twitch


These events around the video game are a significant income for NGOs and allow them to reach a younger audience.

The third edition of SpeedDons kicked off on Thursday 9 March. For 79 hours, dozens of players followed one another in front of the camera to try to finish video games as quickly as possible and encourage spectators, on site or at home, to heat up their bank cards to support the good cause. At the end of the three days, the team of streamers carried by MisterMV raised 1.2 million euros for the association Doctors of the World.

For three years, Twitch has become the Eldorado of charity events. Starting with the Zevent. The live holds the world record for the solidarity event having raised the most money on Twitch. During the last edition in November, more than 10 million euros in donations were divided between four NGOs: Sea Shepherd, WWF, Seacleaners and the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO). “They managed to raise 2.5 million euros in a few days for each NGO. This is the equivalent of half of our annual budget.says Élodie Pouet, member of Sea Shepherd France.

Half of the annual budget

This striking power attracts the eye of many social actors. “The problem is that we are witnessing a form of competition between associations to be selected for the next Zevent”analyzes Clément Legrand, strategic director of the social media agency OTTA. Inspired by SpeedDons, many NGOs have therefore created their own one-off events on Twitch to raise funds. », adds the expert. In recent months, the platform has seen the birth of no less than ten charitable projects, with more or less scale. In March, Sidaction organized its Twitch event. Last November, it was the turn of the Telethon to be exported to the platform.

“Twitch is not just about live Call of Duty or Fortnite. It’s a new channel of expression for us.”advances Dominique Le Van Truoc, Director of Engagement WWF France. After participating in Zevent, the association is launching its own live Twitch on March 25. Entitled Earth Hour, the evening aims to raise public awareness through challenges to ecological issues. For the moment, the creation of a Twitch channel “not relevant”. But Dominique Le Van Truoc wants to work with influencers over the long term.

Make giving fun

Content creators are essential to meet a new audience »plus Reha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Throughout the year, the organization can count on the Justiciers du cœur, streamers who are ambassadors of the association. At the same time, it has organized the Game 4 animals once a year since 2021, a gaming marathon in favor of animal protection. Via the platform, the NGO intends to reach a younger audience than its traditional donors.

“Streamers make giving fun and in doing so, encourage their communities to participate in the fundraiseradds Guillaume Amouyal, founder of the Allink agency, which has been in charge of organizing the SpeedDons since its creation. To do this, they bet on lotteries or a list of challenges to be completed from certain levels of donations. For example, walking from Paris to Marseille, having your hair dyed live, or organizing a waste collection.

“Some spectators have put their hands in their pockets at each edition of the SpeedDons. And it’s a safe bet that they will be there again next year., enthuses Jean-Baptiste Matray. Influencers are able to federate very committed communities who are already used to giving on the platform. Indeed, to support their favorite content creators in their work, Twitch users can subscribe to a paid subscription.

If for two years, associations are rushing on Twitch, the trend is likely to run out of steam. “There are not many places left on the slot”, shade Jean-Baptiste Matray. The communications director of Médecins du Monde identifies a whole series of barriers. “Charity marathons remain difficult events to organize. It takes time and energy.” Especially since spectators and streamers are already overstretched on the platform.

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