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Sons of the Forest sold two million copies within 24 hours of its release


Just 24 hours after its early access release, Sons of the Forest has already sold more than two million copies.

Developer Endnight Games shared the news on Twitter Along with the promise of some exciting things to come in the near future.

“Thank you to those who’ve joined us on the Sons of the Forest Early Access journey, we’ve sold over 2 million copies in the first 24 hours, and we’re super excited about what’s next for players in the coming weeks,” Endnight Games wrote.

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival horror game that sends players to a remote island filled with cannibalism and other dangers to find a missing billionaire. The game has also been a resounding success on Steam, with over 350,000 concurrent users playing the game at the same time. .

For comparison, the original game – The Forest – achieved a peak number of players amounting to 76,226, and those numbers are sure to increase in the coming period, especially since the game will remain in early access for nearly a year.

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