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Solve the problem of your Joy-Con controller drifting with this new upgrade kit


If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you may have heard about the infamous Joy-Con Drift, the persistent problem with premium Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch hybrid.

Fortunately, gaming peripherals company GuliKit has released a new controller upgrade kit that not only allows you to replace your Joy-Cons, but assures that you will never have to worry about Joy-Con drifting issue again.

GuliKit Hall features a pair of replacement joysticks for your Joy-Con controllers. The company notes that the joystick is based on Hall Effect technology, which means that the joysticks use a magnetic system, so they don’t touch other parts inside the console, which could cause damage to the pieces over time after prolonged use.

GuliKit has previously tried to circumvent the problem, releasing a King Kong Pro 2 controller before, while the GuliKit Hall Joystick Kit is available for $30 on Amazon; Or about $70 if you’re getting a couple.

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