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Sifu has sold over 50,000 copies on Steam


Sifu game was released for Steam and Xbox at the end of last March, and 48 hours after it was released on Valve’s digital store, its sales exceeded 50,000 copies.

The game got more than 94% of the positive reviews on the Steam store, and it seems that it is very popular despite its availability for the computer a full year ago, and its sales are also expected to double in the coming period.

Coinciding with the launch of the game for new platforms, it got the Arenas update at the same time, which adds nine new locations, five game modes, and 45 challenges. Survival mode involves defeating waves of enemies, Time Attack is about racing against the clock, Performance mode is about ‘perfection’, and Capture mode offers interesting King of Hill challenges where you have to capture and control an area.

Finally there are the Manhunt competitions that require you to eliminate certain targets, but you must take out their bodyguards first, and those seeking to test their skills arguably have a lot to look forward to at the moment.

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