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Shazam! Fury Of The Kings


After company flops Warner Bros. Recently, DC world followers did not expect to enjoy a new movie from the studio, especially after the announcement of the head of the studios DC James Gunn on the new phase of the next DC universe (Gods & Monsters) Spanning 8-10 years, James Gunn also confirmed that some well-known DC Studios works such as the movie Joker Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Matt Reeves Batman It will continue under his administration, but under the name of “Elseworlds A phrase that would apply to any work that is not part of the main story of the DC Continuum.

A movie surprises us Shazam! Fury Of The Kings Outperforming the first part in many respects, the interesting mixture of humor and seriousness put in place by the director David F Sandburg Carefully was the secret sauce that made the film one of the best in this ambitious world, which will be “remade” again with the film The Flash The next one is on June 16 of this year.

The film’s events begin nearly 4 years after the first part, with the hero Billy Batson, who has become a 17-year-old teenager. Throughout the film’s events, Billy tries to keep the Shazam family together. With their age, the team members branch out into their hobbies and desires, as they are now more aware of what they want from life, and this reflects negatively on Billy, so he sets a law for the team saying, “All of us, or none of us(ie: either all of us or none of us), which increases the cohesion of the team, so if something happens anywhere under any circumstances, the team must examine the situation as a team and not individually. The film shows us the development of the character wonderfully with its events, and the result was In the end, a kid really turns into a superhero who is willing to do anything for his family.

Similarly, we see Team Shazam and its evolution from the first part, and how each of (Billy, Freddy, Mary, Eugene, Darla and Pedro) became more aware of their powers, but not in the way some might expect. There were some moments in the movie that make it clear that even as they’re a little older and have some experience, they’re still kids and don’t realize the amount of responsibility that comes with these powers… It seems like Uncle Ben was right from the start.

Will the movie please comic readers?

Answer: Sure, let me explain why. Comics fans have always been very critical when it comes to movies based on comics, but what makes Shazam Fury Of The Kings A great movie is he knows what he wants. Lately, we’ve seen many adaptations of comics change and play with the main story or the characters themselves, leaving those deep characters with their original stories greyed out on the big screen, and many have expressed their confidence in James Gunn as well to take Shazam and the new DC universe later into the comics path. . As we know, director James Gunn has always taken these stories to the letter from books.

In the same way, one of the important points of any superhero movie comes: the villain, because the superhero story is not complete without a rival who challenges and develops these heroes, as we have seen with Batman, the Joker, and others. We have returned the DC world with the highest quality of villains from a scriptural point of view, and the embodiment of these characters from the comics requires a great effort to find an actor who masters the role, and here we see the sisters, daughters of the former king of the land of the kings “Atlas”, and in it the daughters of Atlas try to restore the sovereignty of the world of kings over the world Humans.

Hespra is the older sister and apparently the leader, played by the famous actress Helen Mirren With perfection and ingenuity, despite the public’s fears of choosing her, she surprises us with a wonderful personality with wisdom and intelligence. On the contrary, we see Lucy Lou as Calypso, the middle sister, who was the main focus of the film. And here comes a key point that I want to touch upon… Calapisua’s serious and assertive personality helps compared to many other humorous characters. on film balancingthus telling a very serious and dark story in a perfect way while using humor in its place and not overdoing it.

The film also presents wonderful and elaborate action scenes, knowing that the film’s budget did not exceed that spent in Marvel Studios films, but it proves Shazam Fury Of The Kings You do not have to spend all that money to get a quality worthy of a superhero movie, and this is evident in the fight and flight scenes that provide very good visual effects throughout the movie even in the smallest details, and you can notice this in the final fighting scenes in the movie, starting with monsters in the form of The strange thing is that almost everything crashes in front of you, as it is difficult to master these effects in light of the fast scenes, and this comes in contrast to the first part, which was criticized It has one of the worst visual effects in any DC movie, but luckily the studio listened to the audience and improved on the ones we saw in the first installment.

What does the film mean in the future of the upcoming DC universe under the umbrella of James Gunn and Peter Safran?

The film shines as a sweet comic in a dark world, let me be clear… The film begins in a world DCEU The old one, founded by director Zack Snyder, is the same world in which the events of the first part took place. There are many DC fans who loved this dark world, but the majority did not like this world from DC. Opinions may differ, but what everyone agrees on is that Shazam is that piece that everyone may not notice until it is removed, and it makes the difference in the image. But that is not all, as we are accustomed to, no superhero movie is complete without a post-emblem scene that shows the character’s orientation in the world, but which world?! Here I leave you to the movie.

He also played the character Shazam Zachary Levi In an interview with magazine DEADLINE expressing his opinion about the direction of the studios DC The new one, he said when asked if he would be open to appearing in films DC future Even if there is no other Shazam movie: “Trust me, if Peter or James ever approached me for a role in any future work, my answer would be, Great! Let’s go.”

The film deals well with its story and was frank about what it wanted from the start. It is a serious film with a comic nature, which is something that is rarely achieved in such a perfect way in the recent period. The film also manages to prepare Shazam nicely for what’s to come. The movie’s characters needed more time and understanding but overall it’s a great movie that you can watch anytime with your loved ones.

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