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Scuf Reflex Pro PS5 Controller Review


One of its main advantages scuf It is one of the very few companies that offer a third party wireless controller for the platform PS5 With some ‘professional’ features.

Provides group controllers reflex Three models at varying prices. controller comes reflex Standard is priced at $199.99 and offers 4 additional customizable pedals, two interchangeable analog sticks, and console profiles. On the other hand it is available Scuff Reflex Pro Priced at $219.99 and contains all the features of the standard version, along with rubber grips on the handles. And there Scuff Reflex FPS Priced at $249.99 that replaces the adaptive pedals in DualSense The instant pedal vibration units cater to people who primarily play console shooters.

Although our experience with Scuff Reflex Pro It was largely positive, but we’re not sure if it’s the right choice against the growing competition in this category. Where issued Razer already own console Razer Wolverine V2 Prowhich for $249.99 offers all the features Reflex Pro And Reflex FPS and more. And soon this month a company will launch Sony itself DualSense Edgewhich has similar features at $200.

Customize the Reflex Controller

In addition to providing 3 different models of controllers scuf Also the ability to customize it to suit each person’s tastes. I have customized my console as you can see it below:

What I was initially trying to do was create a Spider-Man themed console, but after receiving the console I obviously created a Spider-Mario monster which I now find hard to explain why I chose those colors for others. Honestly, Scuf should have sent me a note saying, “Are you sure about this option?”, which would have made me rethink and opt for a cool black or gray version, but they didn’t, and here we are.

If you choose to customize the appearance of the console, the price will go up significantly. This console cost $300, and it did scuf They shipped it to us within a week (we were told the shipping time would be the same as everyone else’s since the company recently started shipping to the MENA region as well). Thanks to the option to customize the controller, you can choose different colors for each face on it, whether the upper face, the lower face, or the buttons D-pad The right buttons and pedals, the anti-friction pad on the sticks, the compose and options buttons, the home button, and the entire back panel (although I wish I had chosen a different color for the additional rear pedals). There aren’t a lot of color options (you can’t choose a color spectrum for example RGB) So you have to choose from basic colors like black, white, grey, red, green etc. Each color will add $9.99 to the cost, while the colors of the anti-friction pads on the sticks will cost $1.99 each.

In addition to colours, you can also choose between two different types of pedals: the standard adaptive pedals in DualSense (free), or the $39.99 Instant Mouse-like Pedals scuf. You can also choose between short and long, concave or tapered sticks (at no additional cost), and choose not to include any of the controller’s vibration features ($9.99).

As you can see, customizing the console is quite expensive, so it might not be wise to do so unless you want to stand out from the crowd and have the money for it. But if this is not the case, provide Scuff A bunch of colors to choose from on the non-customizable controllers, which includes pretty black, blue, red, orange, and my favorite color that I had to pick, was steel grey.

Design and features

look Scuff Reflex Pro Just like the console DualSenseFrom the button positions and the touchpad design to the front and rear pedals. The only difference is the circular home button instead of a logo PlayStation located on the controller DualSense regular.

But in terms of feeling Reflex Pro Looks a lot different from DualSense. The difference we feel right away is the weight. Where is the weight Reflex Pro It is 303 grams compared to 278 for the DualSense, which may not seem like a big difference in theory, but when held in hand it feels heavier and bulkier. The reason for the feeling that it is larger in size, in my opinion, is due to the very thick rubber grips and the four additional rear pedals, but despite the more weight, I did not feel tired while carrying it for long periods. If you are used to weight DualSense Its texture may take some time to get used to Reflex Probut I personally needed about 30 minutes to get used to it and unleash the gameplay.

Other notable differences are the front buttons (which aren’t lettered, by the way) and the pedals. The difference is very slight, but the front buttons are on Reflex Pro Makes no sound at all (compared to buttons DualSense which makes some crackling). And the pedals for some reason seem a bit hard to click all the way to the end. It seems to be a little further away than I’m used to, but fortunately it doesn’t make any difference during gameplay.

Really cool side Reflex Pro Some of its features are customizable. You can remove the standard concave stick and replace it with the long or short convex stick. You get one of each for free, which doesn’t give you much customization if you’re switching between games, but I wish it would. scuf I matched the colors of the interchangeable sticks to the same color I chose when I customized my controller. Adding two black sticks to a controller that’s predominantly red and blue makes it look even more unsightly, and serves as a stark reminder of my lack of creativity.

The two wands are relatively easy to swap out. You will have to carefully unscrew the interface cover from the bottom of the handles, pull out the two sticks from the attached stem, and replace them with the other.

There are also 4 extra pedals on the back, which is an interesting design choice as it looks like Scuf simply added an extra large piece to house the pedals rather than integrating them into the console shell. But this piece feels sturdy, the rear pedals work well, and they also add a whimsical design touch reminiscent of the Spider-Man logo (see why I chose those colors?).

You can also remove these additional pedals if you do not feel that they are useful. But doing so is a little trickier than swapping the sticks, as you’ll have to remove it from the extra piece by grabbing it, then pulling it slowly while moving it left and right. You may feel like you’re breaking it, but as you say scuf In the manual you certainly don’t (unless you deal with it roughly) and it comes off easily once you know what you’re doing.

Above the rear pedal cradle is a button that switches between 3 profiles. Each profile is indicated by a color (blue, red, and green) and they are pre-selected by scuf Same for first-person shooters, sports games, and racing games. If you don’t like these presets, you can manually reprogram any pedal to any mode, and set up your own profile.

Reprogramming the paddles is relatively simple: hold the profile button until it starts blinking, press the pedal you want to map with the button you want it to activate, and then press the profile button again.

Unfortunately, I was surprised scuf It does not provide a companion program to provide more customizations. For such an expensive controller, having software that would at least allow the front sticks or pedals to be tuned, not to mention reprogramming any other button, is completely self-evident, and it’s puzzling why it hasn’t been developed. scuf one for controllers reflex. It even owns controllers Xbox Inexpensive development from third-party companies such as GameSir G7 Integrated applications allow customization of every aspect of the console, as well as the controller Xbox Elite wireless. It is true that these controllers are not compatible with PS5but the fact that they exist and that scuf Ignored it is disappointing.

controller operates Reflex Pro while playing on PS5 exactly like DualSense. If you choose to use the adaptive pedals, they work just as you would expect them to. Beginning with distress when Aloy pulls her stock in Horizon Forbidden Westdown to small vibrations in Astro’s Playroomthe gaming experience using Reflex Pro perfectly matched to DualSense.

The additional rear pedals definitely add more depth to the experience if you decide to use them. For me, for example, I don’t like using my button L3 And R3 Anything, so the first customization I made was for those two buttons on the two longer rear pedals. Then depending on the game and how fast I want to trigger different in-game actions, I assigned the two shorter pedals to do the harder ones. Switching weapons that would otherwise require the click of a button Y Or the two front pedals is much simpler when you can tap the controller on the back to do the job.

Concerns about quality and longevity

For a console that costs $219.99 (or $300 in my case), the Reflex Pro It looks excellent enough. The materials used to make it feel high-quality and durable, and the extra weight gives the console a satisfying heft that’s usually associated with ‘quality’.

But the longevity of the device is still in question. Although I find the design of the controller to be very good and solid, and I haven’t had any issues with it in the week I’ve used it, the Quick look at the subreddit for scuf Paint a different picture. It is full of user complaints about the controller crashing after a certain period of time, with problems ranging from broken pedals, to stick drift, to back auxiliary pedal problems and more.

To be fair, a lot of users reported not having any issues with the controllers Scuf too, but it seems to me it’s all down to luck. You may receive a console that will last a long time or vice versa, this simply shouldn’t be the case for a console that costs a lot

Reflex Pro compared to competitors

Although the Reflex Pro It is a good choice for anyone who wants a “professional” controller for their device PS5However, it faces stiff competition from both Razer And Sony itself.

Availability Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless communication, mechanical buttons, 6 reprogrammable buttons and buttons D-Pad It has 8-way, adjustable pedals, interchangeable sticks, and lights RGBand customization software for $249.99.

As for DualSense Edge Coming out in a few days, it offers two different styles of rear auxiliary pedals, adjustable lengths for the two front pedals, adjustable stick models, interchangeable stick covers, and a nice bag (which it lacks). reflex) which includes standard, high and low caps, for $200, which in turn is a much better value proposition than alternatives. scuf.

The Scuf Reflex Pro is a good, professional-grade alternative to the DualSense controller, but for a hefty price tag. Although the four extra rear pedals, rubber grips, and interchangeable sticks are welcome additions, and work very well, when compared to the competition, the Scuf doesn’t seem to be a good value proposition.

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