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Ryoma is looking for revenge in the latest offering Like a Dragon: Ishin


SEGA continues to tease Like a Dragon: Ishin every short period of time, and today we’re in for a new trailer that focuses on Ryoma’s search for his own revenge.

Players will take on the role of Sakamoto Ryoma, a samurai who sets out to seek revenge and track down the killer of his mentor, and the trailer offers glimpses into a number of characters and obstacles that Ryoma will face on his journey.

Typically, Yakuza games give players the option to get to experience the story either in its original Japanese form or via an English dub, but the upcoming title Like a Dragon: Ishin will not offer this feature.

site transfer The Tojo Dojo An official statement from the developer confirming that there will be no English dubbing for the next title, but rather a full English translation will be provided, and the reason for abandoning the dubbing this time is to preserve the originality of the content and the time period that the game focuses on, any attempt to dub the Japanese dialogue will lead to long sentences and may It changed the atmosphere, feelings and state of the story’s events, and therefore the idea of ​​dubbing will not work this time.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is officially released on February 21 of next year for PC and current and previous generation platforms.

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