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Return to Silent Hill will go into production next month


Last October, during the Silent Hill broadcast event, the movie Return to Silent Hill was officially announced, which comes to us from the director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie, Christoph Gans. It seems that the film will enter production soon.

Where it was announced that the movie Return to Silent Hill will enter the production stage, and the filming process will start next April, and it was revealed that the British actor “Jeremy Irvine” and the Canadian actress “Hannah Emily Anderson” will join the film’s cast in starring roles.

Return to Silent Hill The plot of Return to Silent Hill revolves around a mysterious letter that summons James/Jeremy Irvine to Silent Hill in search of his lost love, only to find a town transformed by an unknown evil. In the depths of darkness.

Return to Silent Hill is inspired by Silent Hill 2, the most popular of the many series brought to us by the Japanese publishing company Konami, and one of the hallmarks of the horror game industry.

Return to Silent Hill is based on Silent Hill 2, the second and most popular game in KONAMI’s successful video game series. The psychological horror franchise is expanding with both the upcoming movie adaptation and “multiple” new games that are in the works.

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