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Redfall will provide interactive dialogues throughout its events


Team Arkane has been known for its exciting stories and complex character relationships, and while the studio’s new project, Redfall, focuses primarily on co-op play, it will continue in the same vein, with uniquely dynamic dialogues between the four protagonists.

Game director Harvey Smith said, speaking with GamesRadarthat Redfall will introduce dynamic dialogues, which, as its name suggests, see characters interact with each other dynamically based on team composition (up to four players can play as the same character, as previously confirmed by the studio).

The director went on to explain and noted that characters who play with each other will also experience more intimate interactions, and the longer the heroes play together, the more this will eventually unlock the so-called Trust Buff, an improvement on the gameplay mechanics.

Smith didn’t explain exactly what the Trust Buff mechanism is, but it’s become quite common to see Arkane games blend narrative and gameplay elements and offer a unique combination.

Redfall is set to launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC in the first half of 2023, and will be available for Xbox Game Pass on launch day, as the studio is worried huge gamer numbers may exceed their expectations.

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