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Redfall is more focused on the ‘shooter’ category than any previous Arkane Team project


Redfall will be Arkane’s first co-op game, and their first project with an open-world map, and the development team says the title will focus more on the shooter genre than any previous project they’ve presented.

Ricardo Bare, Creative Director, elaborated on this description in his interview with GamesRadarand said that with the game being more focused on shooting, compared to previous Arkane titles, the real fun of the fights is in each character’s unique powers, mixing them in creative ways during encounters.

Barry followed through and explained that whether you’re playing Primie and Jacob together or even if you’re playing on your own, using and combining powers and upgrading your character is a lot of fun.

Given that it is a shooting game in the first place, it was natural for the studio to seek help from the id Software team, which has a long history in games of this type, and who provided some notes on the gameplay, as well as the various Bethesda studios contributed in one way or another.

The reason for the Doom developer’s efforts is that the game will eventually be compared to other shooters, and it was necessary to make sure it delivered the desired results.

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