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Redfall is coming next May


In June 2021, Arkane Studio and Bethesda Softworks announced the cooperative shooting game Redfall, and it was supposed to be available last year, but it was postponed to the first half of 2023, and today we know the official launch date of the game.

During the Developer Direct episode, it was officially announced that the game Redfall will be officially coming on May 2 for Xbox Series devices as well as PC, and will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch.

Arkane Studio also shared with us an extended clip of more than 10 minutes that shows the gameplay as well as showing off various locations in the open world environment, including safe houses where players can interact with virtual characters “NPC” and choose new missions. We also saw a lot of fighting gameplay, with players dealing with several different types of vampires with unique abilities.

Arkane also revealed new details about optional content that can be found throughout the open world, featuring a quest trailer, showing how players can approach quests in many different ways, depending on who you’re playing and what abilities you have.

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