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PUBG Mobile celebrates its fifth anniversary with the addition of the epic build mode


As one of the most popular battle royale games on the scene in recent years, support for PUBG Mobile continues non-stop, and to celebrate its 5th anniversary, Update 2.5 will introduce an all-new building mode “World of Wonder” that will enable players to build in-game content in modes and maps Both.

It doesn’t stop there, but new areas, items, and rewards are coming as part of the fifth anniversary celebrations for PUBG Mobile, with updates to Payload, Metro Royale Mode, Season 11’s fourth round, and the Month 21 Season Pass, which brings a wide range of new cosmetic items.

World of Wonder is the free building mode that gives players endless possibilities and all-new ways to play in PUBG Mobile. With its beta launch on March 16, players will immediately be able to see the possibilities this mode offers by jumping into new maps and new modes as part of the exciting World of Wonder universe. During the beta phase of World of Wonder, players will also have the chance to let their imagination run wild with the features of the new mod. Stay tuned for more information on the mod feature in World of Wonder in the near future.

And in the next stages of the World of Wonder test, the battlefield will become an engineering playground with four landscapes that are buildable from the ground up, inspired by some of the famous places on the Erangel map – including the Bird’s Perch, Coral Reef, Jade Realm, and the Erangel landscape itself. . Players will be able to use the feature of building with different items, materials and building methods via a wide range of specially designed tools to copy, delete, rotate, zoom and more.

With more advanced features, in-game designers will be able to define its features with a range of different gameplay styles which will in turn provide new gameplay mechanics in PUBG Mobile! World of Wonder content creators will be empowered to create experiences across different genres, including gun races, racing, battle royale and much more.

But not to worry – for those who find building everything from scratch too daunting, there will be two pre-made mods available: the Erangel Mod, which will introduce the default battle royale format, and the Craft Mod, which will act as a 4v4 Team Deathmatch in an all-new map created with the World of Wonder.

Although the modding features will not be widely available in the beta, starting March 16 players will be able to explore maps and modes created by other players, to be inspired by their content when creating their own! World of Wonder has a list of suggestions that will show the officially recommended designs and the most popular ones for you to try as well.

Update 2.5 on March 18 will also accompany PUBG Mobile’s fifth anniversary celebrations, including the Imagiversary where players will be able to celebrate the birthday of their favorite battle royale game in the two Imagination Plazas in Erangel and compete for the big box in the center or visit the smaller Imagination Districts around Erangel and Livik to collect premium gear bonuses.

Four new items will also be available to add to the party feel, including a colorful Block Cover that protects against enemy fire or helps you cross a bridge, a Supply Converter that converts supplies into items from past seasons or all-new items and a Portable Trampoline that catapults players into the air And the Dual-Purpose Cannon, which is a cannon designed to hit thunderous projectiles or launch players themselves into the air!

In addition, Update 2.5 brings updates to the Payload and Metro Royale modes available in the game, to improve the player experience including the addition of heavy vehicles in Payload, new cosmetic items and new reward mechanics in Metro Royale.

Players should prepare for the fourth round of Season Eleven and the Month 21 Season Pass, which will bring new additional content, rewards, and cosmetic items.

You can find full details of what the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update has to offer in the official update notes provided here.

This is expected to arrive something special soon to the battlefields in the next few days for players who like to drive in the fast lane. Stay tuned for more updates as part of a new yet-to-be-announced collaboration with a world-famous automaker.

Update 2.5 for PUBG Mobile coming soon! Download the game for free now App Store And Google Play Store.

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