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PlayStation is showing off the upcoming PS4 and PS5 titles for 2023 in its latest trailer


PlayStation Channel has unveiled new trailers for this year’s most anticipated PS4 and PS5 games, including exclusive first-party studio titles and third-party titles.

PS4 and PS5 owners are in for a year full of iconic releases that cater to all expectations, such as Spider-Man 2, Street Fighter 6, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and many more as seen in the video below.

Sony had announced during its press conference at CES 2023 that PS5 sales had exceeded 30 million units worldwide.

The recent official figures for the platform indicated that it reached more than 25 million units sold, and Sony says that last December was the largest month in the history of the device in terms of sales since it was put on the market, and contributed to reaching this huge number of units sold, as PS5 completed its second year in the market before few months.

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