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Our impressions of Dead Island 2


We had a chance to try out a game Dead Island 2 For a while, we got a first look at the first main story stages and missions and some of the side missions. This experience takes us In reality To find out the details of what we have seen recently in terms of news and videos about what this part of the story and new playable characters will contain. And that each character will have unique and diverse abilities and skills that are different from the other. It was also mentioned that the events of the story – unlike the previous part – will revolve around a real city, and that the course of events will be dramatic and exciting, with fun fighting methods.

A story unfolds Dead Island 2 In California, specifically in Los Angeles. The events begin with the process of evacuating citizens to escape from the city after the outbreak of the epidemic. Where an evacuation plan for the non-infected was developed by flights. Here we see the appearance of the six game characters as they board the plane. But the tragedy is that the virus managed to infect some of the passengers before they boarded, so what no one expected happened. As in the first part, the virus is transmitted by biting the skin, so the virus spread among the passengers very quickly until it reached the cockpit and the plane fell with those on it. When the plane is about to fall, here you will be given the choice of six main characters: Amy, Danny, Bruno, Ryan, Carla and Jacob. Each character has their own abilities and skills that they use when fighting. After choosing, the plane will fall, and the selected character will try to escape from the wreckage of the plane and try to get out of the current situation.

Remember us The beginning of the story with the first part and how the deadly virus spread on a fictional island called “Banoy” on the coast of Guinea and turned humans into zombies and how corruption wreaked the place, but a number of people managed to survive and gather in certain places. The events of the new part take place in a real place in Los Angeles, which added a lot of beautiful and wonderful atmosphere to the game, as if you were living in it. In fact, although the trial version allows me to play the initial missions, the story seems interesting and promising, especially after I met the secondary characters who helped me through the stages of the game. Also, the dialogues and interaction of the characters were slightly advanced from the previous part.

The short period that we had was enough to get an initial impression of the great development that took place in this part and how this affected the general atmosphere and the game became more terrifying and challenging. One of the most important things that impressed me was the strength of the graphics and the details that sometimes made me have to take a quick pause to contemplate the details of the place and enjoy the scenery. When compared to the first part, there is a clear and strong shift in terms of graphics. Details of the characters and enemies as if they were real, even on the side of the surrounding environment and houses such as furniture, walls, etc.; All without exception are amazing! The game has also become more bloody and brutal, as when fighting, you will see the viscera coming out of the enemies and being cut off, and their limbs flying out of their bodies in disgusting details, as if they are real.

In terms of playing style, happened In this part, a remarkable development in the performance of combat and movement. In fact, I remember that there was a problem that I was suffering from in the previous part, and the character’s movements and fighting made me dizzy at times, but it is good that I did not encounter these problems in this part, so the shaking of the characters and the camera when fighting became smooth, wonderful, more appropriate and enjoyable at the same time.

I noticed a wide variety of weapons, although it is a trial version with specific tasks, but I have tried many types of sticks, hammers, electric and fire swords, and many others. There are also firearms of all kinds, as we saw in previous trailers, but unfortunately I did not have the time to find and try them in the beta version. If there is reason for optimism, it would not be surprising to see more weapons in the final version and in a wide variety of forms. There is the ability to develop weapons, as in the first part, as well as add some characteristics to the weapon and use it against enemies in a way that enables you to bring them down quickly, such as combining the ability of fire with a stick or combining the ability of electricity with a sword. There is also a list of character skills, such as cards that allow you to customize what enhances your character’s strength in terms of defense, attack, and health.

We noticed In the previous part, there was a repetition of the forms of the enemies and the lack of diversity in the way they fight and their strength. But in this part, I was impressed by the wide variety of zombie forms, and I could not once see a recurring character, neither in appearance nor in clothing, and this is wonderful! there There are also huge and powerful enemies that are difficult to overcome except with certain methods and the use of the surrounding environment. You can interact with the place to operate and move the tools, and this increases the fun in the fight, as well as finding clever ways to crush them. In my first battle with powerful enemies, there were broken power cords that when enemies pass by, it stuns them a bit but doesn’t do any major damage. And as we know when we add water to electricity things will become more harmful and that’s what I did. I found a gallon of water and poured it close to the electricity and lured the enemy into it, causing a strong shock that knocked him down. The same thing happened in later tasks by using what is in the surrounding environment or things that cause interactions with each other.

In the end I can say that Dead Island 2 One of the upcoming games for this year. After we were able to play the demo version, I can say that the final version will be promising and will provide an impressive gaming experience that may satisfy the players, as happened with the first part, which won a lot of admiration and won many positive and strong reviews. The new part will bring back an atmosphere of fun fighting zombies in a real city with impressive graphics, in addition to the story, which I expect will be interesting and beautiful given its beginning. Let’s wait and see what the game will show us in its final version.

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