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One Piece Odyssey review


start One Piece Odyssey With its heroes, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves trapped on a mysterious island called Wafford. They soon meet the only inhabitants of the island: an adventurer named Adio and William, who acts as his daughter. Lim does not trust the pirates and immediately uses her power to strip the heroes of their powers. This is a rather weak excuse to have these characters start at level 1 and re-learn their famous abilities that you may remember from the anime.

Reclaiming their skills involves going to the Memory World, which is essentially an excuse to lead players to re-enact iconic moments from each other’s stories. One Piece previous.

The combination of telling an original story while at the same time relying heavily on the source material means that anyone is unfamiliar with the world and history of anime One Piece He will feel completely lost, just like he did with me. Although I’m not sure how much this will appeal to anime fans as well, because all of their favorite stories are presented here in truncated and truncated form. It feels like a blatant attempt to evoke nostalgia.

Things get a little better in terms of gameplay, but not by much. Exploration is slow and tedious, most stages are overly large with no quick way to navigate through them, and they’re filled with the usual (but obligatory) collecting missions. The stages are also divided into smaller areas that are separated by short loading screens. This may not be a big problem at all PlayStation 5 But people who play on other platforms should pay attention to this.

What makes exploration even more difficult is the game’s lack of clues. Where the map does not tell you where to go unless you are in the same target area. This means that you have no way of getting where you want to go unless you are already where you want to be. The task log also doesn’t have a tracking system, so you have to rely on verbal cues from the team to know what your next steps should be.

Where the game really shines is the battle system. The developers show that they have a complete understanding of how battles work in the anime. Characters occupy different roles based on their respective attack types, and deploy to different combat zones with their enemies to fight. There is no traditional order of roles, so you can choose which of your team joins next, and even switch between active and inactive team members without losing a turn.

The fights tend to be a little easier but I think that’s a good thing because I think a lot of my fans are One Piece And who don’t usually play games of some kind JRPG They will try this game. The combat system attracts players rather than intimidates them, and it also rewards strategic thinking without punishing mistakes too harshly.

As for the visual aspect One Piece Odyssey Absolutely amazing. was the developer ILCA It is a development support studio Dragon Quest XI from Square Enix, and they fully understand how to transfer 2D anime and manga into 3D graphics. They work their magic here in style Eichiro Oda The weird and unique art just like they did with the art Akira Toriyama in a game DQXI. The optics are excellent, great and fun to look at all the time.

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